High-Quality Pellets for XRF Analysis

The New Pellet Press PP 40

Semiautomatic pellet presses are indispensable tools when large quantities of sample materials for XRF analysis have to be pelletized. The new Pellet Press PP 40 from RETSCH is controlled with one single button and a graphic display which makes operation very easy and comfortable. The pressure force can be regulated in the range of 50 to 400 kN. Besides controlling the pressure force, it is also possible to determine build-up, maintenance and release of force during pressing. This reduces the inner tensions of the sample and ensures that even difficult materials are pressed perfectly. 32 parameter combinations can be stored.

The PP 40 can be equipped with dies for different pellet sizes:


·        Steel rings (inner diameter 35 mm or 32 mm)

·        Aluminium cups (outer diameter 40 mm)


The press provides stable pellets with a smooth and uniform surface which allows for reliable and meaningful analysis results.

The PP 40 was designed for the combined use with the Vibratory Disc Mill RS 200 which produces homogeneous powders below 100 µm within seconds. Together, these instruments substantially improve the efficiency of sample preparation for XRF analysis.

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